About Us

A collaboration within the Stetson family conceived the Stetson Power concept in late 2003. In 2004, Robert Stetson, a professional engineer holding professional engineering certificates in electrical, mechanical, civil, and fire protection and Mark Stetson, a licensed Journeyman Electrician with significant experience in the commercial and industrial electrical contracting industry, together formed Stetson Electric, a family owned and operated electrical contractor which would provide the highest quality work to discerning customers. In 2012 Mark Stetson formed a new Corporation to continue the business and started Stetson Power Inc.

Over the past 10 years, we have completed many significant projects, including commercial suites complete with backup power generators in the largest commercial office space in Beverly Hills, the Emergency Operations Center for the Red Cross located in West Los Angeles and various boiler and chiller plant upgrades for high rise buildings along the Wilshire corridor.

A large component of our business is servicing the commercial high rise properties on the Wilshire Boulevard Corridor from Downtown to Santa Monica, including Hollywood and Westwood. Centrally located in Burbank, California, we are available for dispatch for emergency troubleshooting or service in a minimal amount of time.

Let Stetson Power help you with your next electrical project.