Commercial & Industrial ELECTRICAL Services


Electrical systems must be installed and maintained to a high standard.  A quality electrical system is essential for the efficient use of any commercial or industrial location. If your building is having any problems with its electrical system, Stetson Power can diagnose the issue and provide your company with a plan to solve the problem. Stetson Power will also work with General Contractors on large scale projects where specialty electrical contractors are a must.

Generator Installation

Be prepared when the next power outage strikes! Southern California’s power grid is notorious for its aging distribution and unexpected outages.  A generator installation is the proper answer for buildings and tenants with expensive servers or other equipment to protect and keep running, and companies that want to continue their productivity regardless of the power situation in their area. Stetson Power has provided generator sales and installation on many types of projects, and can find the perfect solution for your business.

Transfer Switches

Transfer Switches provide ultra fast switching between two independent AC power sources, offering virtually uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment. The transfer switch is an integral part of your backup power system. Although generators have a long life, older transfer switches can fail and improperly installed transfer switches can fail before their time. When used with redundant power sources, the static or bypass transfer switch permits maintenance without shutting down critical equipment.

Stetson Power has extensive experience with the installation and maintenance of all types of transfer switches.

UPS Systems

The uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is the core of the critical energy system, providing battery backup and power conditioning that increases availability and system performance. As APC Channel Partners we can help you assess your needs and select the best solution for you. 

Stetson Power can help your company devise a system that will best protect productivity and equipment

Emergency Lighting Inverters

More types of building occupancies are now being required to install or retrofit Centralized Emergency Lighting Inverters as backup power supplies for the exclusive use of the building's emergency lighting. These can now be required even if your building already has an emergency generator. We offer large Emergency Lighting Inverters from Myers Power Products and DSPM as well as several others. If maintained, these inverters should just need minor maintenance and inspections every quarter and new batteries every 6 to 10 years, depending on the model. We can provide quarterly maintenance on these units, replacement batteries or full unit replacement.

Tenant Improvements

When you lease a suite in a building, the existing tenant space may not meet the power needs of your business. Stetson Power has experience with evaluating new and existing tenant spaces so that you can make your new or existing location the very best it can be.

Micro Data Center Build Outs

Building more efficient data centers doesn't just save on electric bills. More efficient data centers are smaller and use less equipment and power infrastructure, meaning they cost less to build in addition to costing less to run.

In today’s business atmosphere, both power and cost efficiency are key. Stetson Power has extensive experience in data center build outs for all types of installations.

We are Channel Partners with APC - American Power Conversion, for Power, Rack and Cooling Solutions see our APC Featured Product Page here

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Commercial & Industrial Switch Gear

Stetson Power always keeps customers’ emergency needs in mind. We perform service work on ALL electrical manufacturers’ equipment, ranging from preventive maintenance, protection and control, testing, and equipment modifications due to upgrades, updates or replacement due to malfunctioning or damaged equipment.

No job is too big or too small!

Generators and temporary power solutions are available to our existing customers, who are provided with our exclusive emergency service number. We are always available, day or night.

Motor Control Centers

The low-voltage (less than 480V) motor control center is a key element in electrical control systems because of the vital operating role they play in controlling motors and production processes. Over the years, MCCs have evolved from cabinets that housed basic electro-mechanical devices such as circuit breakers, contactors and overload relays to centers of automation that may include variable frequency drives, soft starters and programmable controllers.

Failure or malfunction of electrical systems can present a serious hazard to personnel and property, therefore it is imperative to repair any problems as soon as they become apparent, as well as maintain the heavy wear equipment like contactors.

Variable Frequency Drives

A variable frequency drive (VFD), sometimes also called an adjustable speed drive (ASD), is an electronic device that allows users to change the speed at which a motors runs. The combination of a VFD with a motor is becoming increasingly popular as a final control element because it consumes less power than a motor running at full speed. Indeed, the California Energy Code (Title 24) is requiring drives be installed for most motor applications to reduce power consumption.

Obtaining good control and long motor & drive life depends upon proper selection and installation of the drive as well as understanding how control may differ with a VFD. Stetson Power can evaluate your particular installation and recommend which solution is best for your application.

We are Certified Drive Installers by ABB and can offer our customers an extended Two Year Factory Warranty for all ABB Drive Installations

Los Angeles Reg 4 Inspection Support

We provide support for the Annual Regulation 4 (Reg 4) Inspections required for High Rise buildings by the City of Los Angeles for almost every High Rise Property we work at. While wearing our Arc Flash Suits we completely denergize the building to allow for the Emergency Lighting and Transfer Switch tests and inspections. After the inspection we close the building's Main circuit breakers and ensure the building comes back to normal operation while having additional staff on call in case of any equipment failures that require emergency repair.

These utility outages are a good opportunity to perform cleaning and torqueing maintenance on switchgear, as well as Ground Fault (GFI) testing on Main Circuit Breakers which should be tested and re-certified every three years.